Wednesday, March 4, 2009’s Social Media Experiment - Generating Buzz But Not Without Risks

If you haven’t seen it already check out the new homepage - it’s a bold experiment in how to integrate social media into a brand site.

What’s so unique about the page is that the experience is almost completely based on social media content from other sources. User generated messages, videos and other content are pulled to the site from various social media sources such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The only “traditional” element on the page is an expandable navigation bar that, among other things, takes visitors to various social media sites based on whether they want to see pictures (Flickr) or chat (Twitter) about Skittles, etc.

Of course this type of strategy is not without its risks. And it certainly places a lot of control over how people will experience the brand into the hands of the unruly masses. But what a way to generate buzz and engagement.

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  1. The idea that Skittles implemented is fantastic and refreshing. By departing from the conventional user experience on a brand site, Skittles was able to promote product awareness through "disruptions" across a variety of popular social-media sites. All of the key information that one would want to find on Skittles still exists on the new site,one just needs to spend more time discovering. Time spent, interacting with the brand. Kudos, to Skittles for not only properly identifying their target but also integrating their brand in relevant destinations frequented by their audience.